Eleven Terrific Months

IMG_0327-1IMG_0321-1MGN 11 mos JLP

Sweet M, aka Dumplin’, just might be the Miss Betty Crocker of 2035! She’s a bundle of energy and likes the colorful kitchen plastic ware. She was so content to sit in her great grand-father’s wooden high chair and tap her rhythms as I snapped away.

Those eyes! And this little Ginger is getting the curly hair too! She’s pure joy!

Lucy Lamb Love

Mozelle 10 Months

Lucy Lamb is a favorite of this ten-month old! She especially likes to sleep with Lucy since the lamb is so soft and cuddly.

Lucy is just one of the soft hand-made animals/figures from the baby goods company “CuddleandKind.” You can find them on Instagram and read all about this family of five’s mission to feed children. Did you know that for every ethically produced hand-knit doll, they provide 10 meals to children in need?

You can also find them at http://www.cuddleandkind.com

I’m sharing their information because I think it’s such a worthy cause and a small business to support. I receive absolutely no compensation for telling you about them! Check them out, though, because their llamas, flamingos, bears, dogs, cats, and so many other cute dolls (including mermaids) are simply precious and from experience with my grands, they’re so loveable too!


Spring at Missouri Botanical Gardens

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Easter Blooms!

Amaryllis Candy Floss Day 2 JLPIMG_9540 Day3JLPjpg

Wowzer! The Candy Floss Amaryllis bulb has outdone itself just in time for pre-Easter beauty! 

These captures will be on my photographic notecards for sale if anyone is interested. Simply email me at janehaas7@gmail.com (Watermarks will not be included on the cards.)

Thank the Lord and sing His praise! His beauty is in all of creation. We simply need to look for it and thank and praise Him out of response to His great love for us all!


A New Beginning


Little Valentine


Look who is good at making funny faces and giggling and showing off new teeth in time for Valentine’s Day!

Awesome is the word for today!

Letter Fun


Preschool children + foam letter stickers + a paper strip with matching letters (upper or lower case) = a ton of learning FUN!