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Sunset at Taneycomo


The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work.

Sunset fishing at Lake Taneycomo in southern Missouri. He got his line wet, the fish weren’t biting, but he went to sleep relaxed.

It’s all about the bait. And being patient.

Warmth in the Bleak Mid-Winter

Leaving the Midwest for a week and getting away to Cozumel, Georgetown on Grand Cayman, and Jamaica for a week was just what the doctors ordered!  The blues and greens of the skies and water, the colorful painted buildings and dress of the people, the friendly cultures, the flora and fauna, and the plethora of historic facts just waiting to be seen and heard were more than we expected.  This great escape was indeed a welcome break and an awesome rest.

We thank the Lord for safe travel, and for the renewal and energizing getaway to recharge us and help us return to our daily work! Now if we could just skip directly into Spring!

Refreshing Water

Resurrection Bay, Alaska


DH and I were looking at vacation photos, and agree that this is one of our favorite locations–Resurrection Bay, Alaska. Here we enjoyed the quiet & peacefulness, the blues and greens, the reflections, and the mountain views. It’s amazing that Alaska has been warmer than St Louis on some of our winter days…so that warms our hearts! We wanna go back. Soon. Thank You, God, for Your awesome creation!