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Friends. Spouses. Soulmates.

She walked over to Him and asked,

“Do you remember what we were doing 66 years ago about this time?”

He answered with a sweet smile, “I do.”

She replied, “And I still do.”

Friendship. It all began with a small town, street-corner meeting.

It continued through snail mail during World War II.

It grew and blossomed after the war.

It was cemented in their marriage vows.

This friendship is for better and for worse.

She and He have come to know the true meaning of that.

This is my entry for the I Heart Faces Friendship Photo Challenge this week.

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i heart faces – beautiful b&w

Year-old Ava

hugs her fuzzy cat

then jumps from her white rocker

and gives me her best flirty eyes!

I could eat her up!

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iheartfaces — Motherhood

Waiting patiently is a huge part of motherhood!

Since this photo, Erin is now the proud mama of a baby boy! And Caiden’s grandma is mighty proud too!

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I Heart Faces Over My Head Photo Challenge

This is my entry for the I Heart Faces: Week 29 Photo Challenge with the theme “Over My Head” …

… with lots of helium!

I had taken a few shots of these cute sisters holding their balloons high over their heads, but this one turned out to show their playfulness the most.

Thanks for leaving some love!

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iheartfaces = Dramatic B&W Photo Challenge

This week’s challenge at iheartfaces is to share a dramatic B&W photo. Here’s my choice for this challenge.

It melts my heart to see the love and affection children can show for their newborn family member! Here S and X  look tenderly at ten-day-old baby Ava, while they hold her tiny fingers so caringly. X gives his baby sister a tender kiss on her forehead.

Children are a heritage from the LORD!

Skip over to iheartfaces to see beautiful photos for this week’s dramatic b&w challenge! Just click on the camera.

I Heart Faces — “Hands-On Fun”

I Heart Faces has a great weekly challenge called “Hands-On Fun”! Click the icon below to see all the entries from great photographers!

I chose to enter this photo I took of my parents’ hands on the day we celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary last April. Dad and Mom were married after Dad returned home from World War II. They’ve held hands ever since, in work and play, in hardships and in fun times, and have been great examples of “servant hands”  to all around them.

This one’s for you, Mom and Dad!

I Heart Faces Week 4 — Texture

I recently discovered the  cool site, I Heart Faces, and decided to participate in this week’s challenge. After retiring from my teaching/writing/editing profession, I’ve very recently begun to capture family and children’s portraits, and learn some tricks in PhotoShop.

I took this photo of  great-nephew Hunter who pretended he was a big cat and prowled in the natural grasses in Forest Park, St Louis, site of the 1904 World’s Fair. The grasses provided great texture in the SOOC shot. But then I added the PhotoShop CS4 Sunspot Texture with an opacity of 30% for a golden glow.