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What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

Whether you’re a business professional, a CEO, a college grad, a student/entrepreneur, a child model, a singer/dancer, or a stay-at-home-parent re-entering the work force, you need a great head shot for your business cards and your website!

Does your headshot communicate professionalism? your joy in living? your passion for a career or hobby? If someone sees your headshot, will he or she take you seriously?

These are just a sampling of headshots in my portfolio — you’ll see a variety of ages and styles and messages that these want to convey to others!

Be sure to contact me if you need a new headshot!

Graduation Day 2010

Bethany’s graduation day from Logan College of Chiropractic was so special. She worked hard for four years to achieve and earn her Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree. Family and friends gathered to celebrate her accomplishments.

Here she is with two very special people in her life — her Uncle Ted and Aunt Ellen. They came all the way from Minnesota for the occasion.

It was a beautiful weekend!

IHeartFaces — Smiles — She Did It!

She did it! We have a Logan College of Chiropractic graduate in our family now. We’re more than proud and so thankful to God for all her accomplishments. Bethany=RN and DC. Plus WBA. (World’s Best Aunt)

And now we’re standing in line to get adjusted.

This is my entry for the iheartfaces weekly challenge: Smiles

Smile some big ones as you see all these great photographers’ entries–just click the camera!