Singin’ in the Rain

and Baby, It’s Cold Outside were just two of the themes during this photo session with sisters R & R — they are such fun girls!

Their eyes sparkled and they played “Mary Poppins” when the wind gusted under their brightly colored umbrellas. Whoosh! Let’s have a tea party in the treetops! I actually thought we might! We laughed and laughed!

Instead, the girls and their mom and I agreed we’d all have hot chocolate with marshmallows once we got into our warm homes!

I count those pretty reflections in the puddles as bonuses in my photo-fun-day!  Thanks, sweet girls, for playing along with me on a chilly winter day!

One response to “Singin’ in the Rain

  1. Loved the pictures, Jane!! The colored umbrellas reflected in the puddles added so much depth, cheerfulness, and fun to an otherwise cold and wet day. What great subjects!! They are darling and you captured their light-hearted spirits perfectly!