December Debutante

Dreamy…Creamy… A few captures of baby Willow, just two weeks old, so fresh, soft, and sweet.

Willow with her two very happy, proud, and thankful grandmas — Grandma Linda and Grandma Sandy ADORE her! Willow, you are indeed a heaven-sent gift!

Here’s Willow in a little Christmas red… While Mommy was at a meeting, I captured this special Daddy & Willow love!

2 responses to “December Debutante

  1. oh! JANE !!!! each and every foto is SO BEAUTIFUL !!!! I really do think you should enter Daddy and Willos’s pic in a contest! 🙂

  2. Excellent photo eyes capturing these precious moments. Moms are always right…time to enter a contest! Thank you, again!