iheartfaces = Dramatic B&W Photo Challenge

This week’s challenge at iheartfaces is to share a dramatic B&W photo. Here’s my choice for this challenge.

It melts my heart to see the love and affection children can show for their newborn family member! Here S and X  look tenderly at ten-day-old baby Ava, while they hold her tiny fingers so caringly. X gives his baby sister a tender kiss on her forehead.

Children are a heritage from the LORD!

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8 responses to “iheartfaces = Dramatic B&W Photo Challenge

  1. Beautiful! What a sweet candid capture!

  2. I love a natural moment like this. Great capture.

  3. i’m loving the sibling shots.

  4. This is adorable. Love the composition.

  5. Oh how precious! Great shot!

  6. oh, so precious!!! i love this!